Skill Building Clinics

Train with the Florida Phenoms

Looking for a place for basketball training in Naples to get your game ready for the next level?  Our skills clinics are open to current and former Royal Palm Academy students as well as Florida Phenoms, grades 4 through 9.  Outside participants are by invitation only.  

Our primary mission is to teach the game of basketball and general athleticism through a variety of drills that improve fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting, and footwork. We put it together with one-on-one, situational play and live scrimmages.

Participants will be playing head to head against some exceptional athletes who have competed at the highest levels of travel basketball for their grade. There is no better way to improve than playing against tough competition, period.  You won’t find better basketball training in Southwest Florida than you will find right here with the Florida Phenoms in Naples.