Phenoms Explode in Coral Springs!

Three of our teams visited beautiful Coral Springs over the weekend of May 5 To participate in the YBOA Explosion Hoopfest. Our sixth, eighth and ninth graders all cruised through pool play and to the finals.

After rolling by every opponent in pool play by 30+ points, our ninth grade Phenoms were the first of the tournament to notch a championship. It was raining buckets as they breezed to a finals victory over the scrappy Cooper City Cobras with a final score of 85 to 36. MVP honors went to Byntley Theork, and all tournament selection was awarded to Andres Portillo-Ponce.

The eight grade faced a competitive match-up with Boca Hoops Select. After a tough battle, the Phenoms pulled away in the 4th and won it with a final score of 71 to 63.

Two championships are nice, but the Phenoms sixth grade boys had yet to go. After finding little resistance through the semi finals, they faced a tough finals challenge with Mo Steel and their six foot+ tall giant. After a hard fought regulation play, our boys just missed what would have been a game winning buzzer beater and the game went to overtime.
Things looked bleak when Mo Steel took a three point lead with just five seconds to go. Chris Jimenez got the shot off in the nick of time and nailed the three pointer just as time expired.
After that shot, the momentum shifted to the Phenoms, who took the lead in double overtime and held it to the end, completing the sweep by defeating Mo Steel 54 to 51.
Well done!

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